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DigiRehab Decreases Caregiver Burden

Approximately 60% of home health care recipients do not receive training or rehabilitation in advance. DigiRehab helps decrease caregiver burden through providing exercise plans specifically designed to maintain and improve overall mobility, strength, and function in seniors.

How DigiRehab’s Platform Works

The platform walks through step-by-step the process for a caregiver to assess a participant. The assessment process has two steps. The first step includes a list of questions to ask the participant. These questions vary between housekeeping tasks, personal care, medications, nutrition, sleep, etc. Walking through these questions will provide an overall evaluation. The second step is a physical test, where the participant performs several movements to provide a general assessment of their physical capabilities. Following the assessment, the participant is given an overall score that is broken down into three risk scores: health issues, limitations with mobility and ADLs, and training potential. Based on DigiRehab’s algorithm, there are development scores given that show their need for help, physical capability, and gait speed. This identifies areas of development and improvements to be made.

About DigiRehab’s Back-end Algorithm

DigiRehab’s back-end algorithm has been built by a clinician. The algorithm allows assessors to score specific participant mobility functions, and based on each score rating, provides exercises. The exercises are given to participants in a manner that can be completed at home, on their own time, and/or with a caregiver present. DigiRehab’s exercise programs are designed to maintain current level of function or improve overall function for participants.

DigiRehab’s platform is unique due to the back-end algorithm that is missing from other applications. A clinician is not needed to be an assessor for DigiRehab’s platform, because this back-end algorithm was built by a PT/clinician to provide participants with the necessary exercises based on the assessment findings. – Eric Kujawa, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

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