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Frequently Asked Questions

You pay a subscription per client.

There are two different options for payments. Participants can pay for themselves, or the assessor group can pay the subscription per client and charge their participants or bill insurance accordingly.

An assessor can be anyone who is trained in the DigiRehab platform. This means there are no licenses needed. Anyone who is trained to be an assessor for DigiRehab’s program can provide an assessment. This could be a home care personnel, assisted living worker, physical therapist, caregiver, etc. Whoever is an assessor will add their participants to the platform.

  1. DigiRehab’s program increases quality of life and functional independence through helping seniors become stronger, more self-reliant, and independent.
  2. Therapy-intensity is reduced for seniors through DigiRehab’s technology platform. Instead of driving to and from hour-long therapy sessions, DigiRehab provides an exercise program for each participant that can be done in the comfort of their home and monitored by their assessor.
  3. DigiRehab offers streamlined treatment tracking. The real-time dashboard view allows seniors to visibly track their progress and allows caregivers to update their treatment as they progress. This gives seniors peace-of-mind knowing that their therapy work is not in vain and can be tweaked at any time to maximize treatment progress.
  4. DigiRehab’s platform provides tailored exercise programs that promote independence. Each exercise program is tailored to each individual. The exercises are based on what function it helps improve. For example, the exercise may be specific to strengthening the ability to pick up items off the floor.
  5. DigiRehab’s platform has a robust interface and is simple for participants to use. The platform provides easy-to-follow-along exercise videos and guides. This promotes confidence while exercising when a caregiver is not physically present.
  6. Participant’s do not need to be prescribed a physical therapist in order to participate in DigiRehab’s exercise program. This provides more convenience and easy access for a participant to continue to maintain function and strengthen their mobility.
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