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DigiRehab Decreases Patient Complexity

DigiRehab’s platform provides a tailored exercise plan based on the participant’s function and mobility, which helps decrease patient complexity. If there are changes in mobility or function, DigiRehab’s platform automatically adjusts the algorithm to update the exercise plan in real time.

How DigiRehab’s Platform Works

DigiRehab’s program is designed to give strategic exercises to participants, and caregivers can easily update exercises based on each participants’ need. For example, there is a sliding scale in the platform that if a caregiver feels the exercise prescribed is too easy, they can bump up the exercise. Or if a caregiver feels it’s too hard, they can bump it down. Additionally, the tracking ability on the app provides a robust way to assess a participant’s physical ability and progress. Caregivers can login to see when a participant performs their exercises and the score the platform provides. This removes second-guessing a participant’s function and ability throughout the treatment program.

These functionalities allow caregivers to focus on assisting the participant in their program instead of working through the complexities of function and mobility.

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