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DigiRehab Improves Patient Outcome

DigiRehab allows decreased resourcing and clinician time while still making improvements on the participant. DigiRehab measured 15,000 training programs in Danish communities and found 70% of participants, who completed the 12-week program, become significantly stronger and more self-reliant. This is because DigiRehab’s platform is designed to reduce the suffering and expense caused by chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and the common decrease in physical strength late in life. The solution to this goal is providing cost-effective technology in combination with the assistance and encouragement of a trained individual.

How DigiRehab’s Platform Works

DigiRehab’s program provides exercises that are based on what function it helps improve. For example, the exercise may be specific to strengthening the ability to pick up items off the floor. This makes it easier for participants to understand what function the exercise is trying to improve. The exercise program is designed to train the brain to help the body move in the right ways to prevent falls, improve daily housekeeping tasks, and strengthen mobility for everyday living. With end-users in mind, DigiRehab’s program explains the exercises to seniors in a way that helps them understand the purpose behind each exercise.

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