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DigiRehab Provides Real-Time Treatment Insights

DigiRehab’s real-time dashboard provides caregivers with information and data to track their participant’s progress and update their treatment plan based on each participant’s response to treatment. This allows caregivers to refine participants’ treatment plans to help increase their progress and maximize results. Daily, caregivers are able to make an objective assessment of the participant’s physical ability and need for assistance because the screening measures physical limitations and abilities. This builds trust and accountability between the caregiver and participant.

How DigiRehab’s Platform Works

Caregivers are able to stay in-contact with their participants in real time and within healthy boundaries. DigiRehab’s platform allows participants to write comments throughout the exercise plan to provide real-time updates with caregivers. There is no second-guessing with how a participant is progressing in the program. The robust dashboard view shows how each participant is progressing in their exercise program.


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